Get Ready for School

Is your child ready for school?

Starting school is a big step, but Learning Works Geelong is here to help prepare children for Primary School with our school readiness program!

We can help your child make the transition from the play based kinder environment to Prep. Many parents wonder if their child is ready for school. Learning Works Geelong School Readiness program is designed to get children ready for school with the skills and confidence to succeed.

We offer age-appropriate lessons that are engaging for young minds, educational and creative so children enjoy the learning process.

The Learning Works School Readiness Geelong Program is a systematic, skills-based program that lays a solid foundation for children to learn to read.

Our program is literacy and numeracy based and teaches children to love learning, reduce anxiety around starting school and become confident and happy in the classroom.

We teach the fundamentals of reading!

What does it cover?

Foundation Reading Skills

Our program focuses on teaching explicit phonics, letter names and sound formations. To successfully learn to read, children must make a link between sounds and letters and learn to decode or sound out words that are unfamiliar. Children will learn to recognise sound formations as letters, recognise sight words and write words containing sounds. We focus on single sounds at the beginning and end and middle of 3-letter words.

We teach phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge and basic number sense and maths through play. The program is evidence-based through research.

Phonics – we teach sounds

Phonics is central to learning to read and is one of the five keys of reading.

Phonics is teaching the relationship between sounds and letters.

English is an alphabetic code where spoken language is represented by symbols (letters) grouped into words. By learning the relationship between sounds and letter-symbols, children can use this code to read almost any word.

Reading is not a natural process for children. They must be taught these sound-letter relationships clearly.

Phonemic awareness

A child’s phonemic and phonological awareness prior to starting school is one of the most important predictors of their later reading success. Phonological awareness skills should be a critical feature of all early literacy programs. Being able to clap beats in a word (syllables), recognising and making rhymes, identifying separate sounds in words and separating and manipulating sounds in words are a key focus for this program.

Creating happy, confident learners

Who is it for?

Children aged 3-5.

Ready Set Prep 

For children in kinder, entering prep in 2020 or for children requiring extra support in Prep.

Our classes are designed specifically for children starting school the following year and provide children with the essential core knowledge to be ready for school.

It is also suitable for children currently in Prep who are experiencing difficulties coping with the demands of school. Children are aged between 3-6 years old.

The content of the lessons can be quite demanding for young children. For this reason, the lessons are limited to one hour each week.

For best results, the lessons should be refreshed by a parent or carer by going through the child’s activities for 10 minutes each day and with regular story book reading.

Help your child start school confidently!

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