What are the most proven ways to teaching children who are falling behind?

What is evidence-based teaching? What does evidence-based practice or teaching mean?

Evidence-based teaching is at the heart of everything we do at Learning Works. Learning Works Education Centre Geelong is not part of a franchise network, so we are not limited to one program or method. We select resources from a variety of sources that have consistently been shown to be effective and with high quality research to back up our approach.

These programs require specialist training to be implemented effectively.

At Learning Works, we embrace evidence based practice by asking ‘What are the most proven ways to teaching children who are falling behind?’ and seek out techniques that are shown by research as most likely to improve our children’s learning success.

Why is an evidenced-based approach to teaching and learning so important?

The term ‘evidence based practice’ refers to teaching methods that have been shown to be effective by credible, independent, trustworthy research. Evidence based teaching is essential to maximising a child’s potential and all they can achieve. Teachers need to have evidence and to ‘know’ that their teaching methods will support kids in their learning. Evidence-based practice in teaching ensures that children are taught what really matters.

Evidence-based teaching is really just effective teaching. Many professions, such as medicine, law and engineering, use research to inform their practice and we believe teaching should be no different. Using research to inform our teaching practice means that we’re using the best methods for our students.

Extra support and remediation is required for student with specific learning difficulties. Tutoring by a specialised teacher is necessary to help these students achieve successful outcomes. For this reason, Learning Works only uses evidence-based programs for students with specific learning difficulties.

Evidence based teaching is important, but quality teachers make all the difference

Teaching a child is truly a holistic process.  Teachers at Learning Works embrace the scientific framework, while acknowledging the individual differences among children. We understand that learning is a continuous process. There is profound and powerful evidence to support the view that ‘excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on achievement.’ Every child is unique and a teacher’s relationship with a child, initiative, creativity, personality and intuition are essential for a teacher to be excellent.

Our teachers have deep knowledge about how the learning process occurs and have an extensive and well-developed range of strategies to meet the needs of a diverse range of students. Focused attention on a child’s strengths and weaknesses and a dynamic, creative and forward-thinking approach to instruction makes all the difference.