Learning Works Hub stands by struggling dyslexic students, believing in them and supporting their skill development and confidence. 

At Learning Works, we offer dyslexia tutoring for children who need it. We help children to believe in themselves, achieve their goals and succeed on their own terms.

We help children who are not strong readers or spellers, by directly teaching them how to read and decode words.

Multi-sensory teaching


We provide a guided, supportive practice which is effective.

We’re doing everything we can to nurture and support children who learn differently.

We’ve loads of ideas to share.

We’re people who care.

We get results.

Learning Works Hub is a place where parents know that they will get all the help and support they need whatever the challenge.

We work as a team with you. We know that one of the greatest influences on children’s success at school is the involvement of parents in their education.

When a child has a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia this involvement is even more crucial.

Children with dyslexia require explicit, direct and systematic instruction in oral and written language. Our remediation for dyslexic learners follows the Orton-Gillingham approach, which we have professional training in through the Institute of Multisensory Education.

The peak body for dyslexia in Australia, the Australian Dyslexia Association, recommends this approach and training, which our teachers follow. Of all reading programs, Orton-Gillingham has the most research to support its approach and has been practiced for over 70 years.

Principles of our program approach

    • We teach students how words work, with letter-sound relationships, syllables and word parts
    • Our lessons follow a specific order or progression and build on previously taught material
    • They are structured – there are step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing and practicing concepts
    • Constant brain connections are made between what children hear, feel and see in learning to read and spell.
    • Concepts and skills are taught for mastery
    • Skills are constantly reviewed while new material is introduced
    • Vocabulary, sentence structure, writing and reading comprehension all are taught in a structured, sequential, and cumulative manner 
    • We use direct instruction, which means we demonstrate all material we are introducing.  
    • Core skills are taught together – reading and spelling go hand in hand

We are passionate about advocating for dyslexic children and making their lives easier by teaching them to read and spell.


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