Frequently Asked Questions

How does tutoring work?

Learning Works’ Geelong school tutoring programs operate after school for 60 minutes and students attend once per week, on the same day and time. The same teacher teaches your child week in, week out. We believe this consistency is important for tutoring, so your child and their teacher can build a relationship and rapport. This ensures your child is confident and comfortable attending tutoring.

How long is each session?

Each session is 60 minutes. It seems to be the perfect amount of time for children to concentrate without becoming tired or bored.

Can you help with school assignments?

Of course! We’re happy to help out. Whatever your child needs is what we will do our best to help with. We can help your child plan out what to put in their assignment and how to get started and keep on track.

Are all of your tutors qualified teachers?

Yes. All tutors at Learning Works are qualified teachers with degrees in teaching and education.

Our teachers are all passionate, experienced and supportive, qualified primary and secondary teachers.

Working Together

How long does it take before I see progress at school?

We see fairly fast improvements in children’s confidence. Improving in academic skills can take longer. Most children experience academic improvements in the 6 or 12 or 18 months that follow. Building skills for the long-term means that school results will generally follow. We have been helping children in the Geelong community for 30 years. We believe in our ability to help.

How long will my child need to attend for?

If there are significant gaps in knowledge and skills, it can take time to bridge the gap and get your child to the level they need to be at. It is difficult to put a timeframe on attendance as the needs are different for every child. To see improvements your child should attend tutoring for at least one term. We do not offer one-off tutoring sessions for school assignments - we are focused on long term skills improvement.

What programs do you use?

As Learning Works Hub Geelong is no longer part of a franchise network, we select resources that have consistently been shown to be evidence-based through strong, independent research and which we know achieve the best success for our students. These programs require specialist training to be implemented effectively. We are happy to discuss our specific materials with parents directly.

Does your learning program follow the Victorian school curriculum?

Yes. Learning Works Geelong programs all follow the Victorian school curriculum. Our role is to support a student’s success at school. We base our programs on the skills your child needs to achieve in each year level and always give priority to any school related tasks.

Do you offer one on one tutoring?

We do not provide 1:1 tutoring, and we do not have capacity to offer this. Our tutoring program is designed as small group tuition, where students receive individualised instruction within a small group intervention setting.

Feeling Welcome and Settling in

What happens on my child's first tutoring session?

One of us will meet you when you arrive, with a warm welcome. We’ll introduce your child to their caring tutor so your child feels right at home. We help your child enjoy their experience and look forward to their next session.

Do you give homework?

For primary school students, we give take home activities, unless you ask us not to. A small amount of homework (1-2 worksheets) reinforces what we do in sessions and consolidates the information into long term memory. However, it is not a requirement and not essential for all students.

How do I receive feedback about my child's tutoring?

We will communicate with you throughout the term about your child's progress. 

If you would like a more in-depth conversation on specific skills and content, please email or call us at any time.

Payments and Enrolments

How much does it cost?

Tutoring fees are $62 per session. For year 11 and 12 students, fees are $65 per session.

What if we just started tutoring, but it's already part way through the term? Do we pay for the whole term?

No. However many weeks of school are left in the school term is how many sessions we will arrange for your child.

Can we start part way through the school term?

Yes you can start at any time during the school term. For students who have been with us last term, your child will attend for the full school term.

What happens the following term?

We keep your existing time slot the following term. We assume your child will continue needing help the next term unless you tell us otherwise. We reserve the same timeslot in the following term unless you get in contact with us to change it.

Rescheduling & Moving Session Times

What if we can't make a session?

If your child is unable to attend due to illness or other pre-arranged circumstances (like a school camp) an alternative day will be offered to make up that session during that school term. We offer one makeup lesson per term. We must be informed by 12pm on the day of tutoring to offer a make up lesson.

We do not offer refunds for missed lessons as we have a reserved a spot for your child for the duration of the school term.

The makeup lesson must be attended during the current school term.

Can I skip lessons?

We work on a term schedule, not week to week. When enrolling your child, please be aware that it is a term commitment.

When you enrol our expectation from you is that you pay for each session during the school term. We do not allow sessions to be skipped.

Our tutoring intervention service is a term commitment and a regular, weekly appointment booking. We reserve the same day and time for your child for the duration of the school term. We plan children’s learning needs and plan their lessons before the term, for the term.

Frequent rescheduling and disruption to teaching continuity can impact progress and outcomes. Payment is still required for each lesson of the school term, regardless of attendance. This policy applies regardless of the absence reason, including illness.

Corona-virus lockdown policy

What happens if the state is locked down?

In the event of lockdowns, we will be offering online tutoring lessons. You will be sent details for online Zoom lessons for the duration of the lockdown period.

We will continue to reserve your child’s day, time and teacher for currently enrolled, paid students.

When you enrol our expectation from you is that you pay for each session during the term. We do not allow sessions to be skipped. If sessions are not paid for we cannot continue to tutor your child as we have a long wait list and limited availability.