Learning Difficulties

Learning Works Geelong has taught children with learning difficulties for the past 30 years. We understand children with learning difficulties often require additional learning support and often interpret information differently – requiring a different teaching approach. Teachers at Learning Works Hub are trained in special education and use supportive strategies to match the students’ instructional needs.

We understand children with specific learning difficulties can have significant trouble learning in an area of schooling, such as reading or mathematics. We know that learning difficulties interfere with a child’s ability to acquire and master the necessary skills at school in language, mathematics or reading and use approaches that help.

How Learning Works Hub Geelong helps children with learning difficulties

  • We understand your child’s learning style, and help your child to develop a toolkit of strategies and skills to compensate for their different learning approach
  • We build confidence in their abilities.
  • Understand that your child accesses information and learns differently from other kids
  • We use a strengths-based approach to teaching your child.
  • We focus on what is working well to support your child. We focus on your child’s strengths and know your child is capable of solving problems and learning new skills, rather than focusing on their problems.
  • We use supportive strategies
  • We understand the psychology and speech pathology reports which highlight the problem areas for children. Our role is to address those concerns and help improve the skills of the children we tutor.