Working Memory

How we help children with working memory problems

Learning Works Geelong helps kids with working memory difficulties by implementing, modelling and reinforcing coping strategies. We use a supportive approach that is effective in empowering children to concentrate, minimise distractions and get things done.

We help to create learning routines and assist students to chunk information into smaller, more manageable steps.

Children with working memory difficulties often struggle with reading comprehension and find it difficult to organise information and stay focused. We pitch work at a level that understands your child’s learning difficulties so your child can experience success.

We can help to build up your child’s self-confidence and their ability to remember.

Learn more about our tips for boosting your child’s working memory

Helping kids with working memory

  • We teach children in a multisensory way
  • We show children effective study skills
  • We identify children’s strengths and extend them, using strengths to assist them in the areas they find more challenging
  • We break things down into smaller steps to reduce learning anxiety for children
  • We help to create and reinforce routines: once tasks are automated they do not require working memory, making life much easier for children to complete things
  • We use verbal and visual cues – e.g. drawing a mind map how illustrate the components of an essay
  • Our programs use distributed practice (spacing out learning + study over time).
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