• decodable books

    What are decodable books?

    What are decodable books? Why does your child need decodable books? Learning to read is not a natural process. While learning to talk is a natural process that all human…

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  • Sounds Write

    What is Sounds Write?

    Sounds Write Sounds Write is a highly structured, systematic synthetic phonics program. The evidence-based linguistic program is recommended by AUSPELD. Sounds Write teaches students how the alphabetic code works. Fundamentally,…

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  • Dyslexia tutoring Geelong using a multisensory approach

    An effective way to teach kids with dyslexia to read and spell is to use a multisensory structured language education (MSLE) approach. Learning Works Geelong uses a multisensory tutoring method to assist dyslexic students, teaching children to read using more than one sense at a time.

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  • Dyslexia support Geelong

    Dyslexia is often not well defined or properly understood. Learning Works Geelong has developed this dyslexia guide to help parents understand dyslexia better.

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  • Multisensory maths

    Children sometimes must hold maths in their hands before they hold it in their heads. Watch the video to learn about how to teach using hands-on maths strategies. 

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