Qualified and experienced Geelong high school tutors

Some students adjust to high school very easily, while others find the transition from year six to high school more demanding as the difficulty of the school work increases. Many parents decide to help their child keep up with the new learning challenges high school presents by getting their child a tutor to help with the transition.

As school work becomes more involved and complex, it can be difficult for parents to know where to start. Professional tutors at Learning Works are skilled in helping parents identify and work on their child’s weaknesses in the early high school years, or support their child to achieve their best in the senior high school years.

Thorough, tailored tutoring

We focus on what your child is working on at school and teach concepts in a systematic way. This approach is thorough, structured and successful. Students work on topics in maths, related to what they are doing at school.

In English, essays about school texts are given, or work is from school is fine-tuned. We help guide to guide the students and parents that come to us through the challenges of maths and English throughout secondary school.

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