Auditory Processing

How we help children with auditory processing disorders

Learning Works Geelong assists children with auditory processing disorders by improving sound recognition skills and using enhanced communication techniques to help children to compensate for their difficulties. Our programs combine educational and therapeutic approaches for children with these difficulties. We aim to boost their reading skills and a student’s concept of themselves as smart and capable learners.

  • First and foremost, we are compassionate and when working with children with auditory processing disorders and other learning difficulties and understand the challenges your child faces
  • Good teaching practices make a significant difference to the achievements of a student with APD
  • We help children improve perception of individual sounds in words, which assists with reading skills
  • We develop better listening comprehension strategies
  • Clearly model reading strategies that work by teaching the connection between sounds and written words
  • Improve sound discrimination skills
  • Specific literacy intervention
  • We understand the social, behavioural and emotional factors of auditory processing disorder that can impact learning

Other strategies that work include:

  • Using short, simple sentences
  • Repeating and rephrasing
  • Supporting oral instructions with visuals
  • Multisensory learning activities
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